RAC Subscription Service

Welcome to the Aegis RAC Subscription Services Page.  Our Subscribers have members-only access to the following variety of products and services to assist them in managing their RAC response process.  For free resources and a sample of the content offered to subscribers, click the links at the left.

Webinars:  Subscribers are especially pleased with our regularly scheduled Webinars.  No less than twice per month, Aegis hosts Webinar lectures designed to provide Subscribers with access to the most current RAC news and information available from the convenience of your office.  Each lecture typically lasts 60-75 minutes and starts at 12:00 PM CST.  Can’t make it? Don’t worry, we record each lecture in MP3 format and make it and the attendant presentation available to Subscribers for them to review at their convenience.

RAC Reference Library:
  Once CMS approves a new issue for RAC review, the RACs post those approved issues on their websites, along with source references for their purported legal authority to conduct the review.  There is no need for our Subscribers to gather the underlying source materials.  We have gathered all of those source references and organized them into a user-friendly library.  We also provide our Subscribers with a RAC Guidebook/Sourcebook, which sets forth an overview of the RAC program.

RAC Administrative Decisions:  As ALJ, MAC and district court decisions pertinent to RACs become publicly available, we post and organize them on our members-only webpage.  No need for our Subscribers to conduct the underlying legal research.  We have done it for them.

Tools and Toolkits:  We provide our Subscribers with members-only access to generic policies, procedures and forms to assist them in organizing and managing their RAC response process.