Policy and Procedure Development and Review

Aegis will partner with your organization to assess current compliance operating policies and procedures and identify key policies requiring revision, implementation, and/or education. Organizational policies must incorporate best practice guidelines and industry standards. Aegis can provide the necessary research to make certain that all policies and procedures have the most up-to-date information.

Policies and procedures are essential to provide more detailed guidance to employees in areas at risk for ethics and compliance failures in the company. To ensure that all essential risk areas are covered, Aegis will:

• conduct a policy and procedure assessment 
• help in designing appropriate policies 
• aid in the communication of the policies 
• assist in training all employees 
• track your existing policies through use of current technology or database development

The foundation and umbrella of your ethics and compliance program is the Code of Conduct–a clear articulation of your corporate policies and procedures. It is critical that all employees have access to the Code and understand its meaning, since it underlies and encompasses all aspects of their work. Aegis consultants will help you develop or assess your Code of Conduct to verify that it is understandable and values-based.