A compliance and ethics program is an essential part of every manufacturer’s business plan. As manufacturers, you must comply with very specific and targeted regulations.  Failures can lead to significant penalties, or in some cases, closure of your facilities. Our staff brings practical expertise informed by extensive knowledge of current regulations to equip you to optimize production and minimize risk.

Manufacturers are subject to significant and numerous safety and environmental regulations and laws. Agencies such as OSHA and the EPA enforce standards and regulations that affect your daily operations. Aegis consultants are experienced in multiple specialty areas of ethics and compliance, so we're equipped to help you navigate the compliance landscape to align your compliance and training programs with both regulations and current interpretations.

Aegis consultants also have proven expertise as compliance officers in manufacturers of various sizes and industries. An effective compliance and ethics program must be fully incorporated into your day-to-day standard operating procedures, from the office tower to the factory floor. We know how to help you implement your compliance program at every level. Business principles such as Six Sigma can be integrated into an effective compliance and ethics program to increase efficiencies and conform to best practices in any industry.