HITECH Toolkit

Federal regulations were released August 24, 2009 requiring covered entities to notify individuals, the government and the media after certain breaches of unsecured PHI are discovered. Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center, LLP has developed a HITECH Breach Notification Toolkit to help covered entities comply with the new rules.  The Toolkit is available for $395 and includes the following:

  • The HITECH Breach Notification Rules
  • Model policy
  • Three template letters that could be sent to individuals when notice is needed
  • Template language for website notice
  • Template language for media notice
  • Examples and scenarios of common HIPAA situations impacted by the notification rules
  • Tool for documenting a HIPAA investigation to determine whether or not notification is needed
  • Flowchart for notification decision-making
  • Recording of webinar presented on September 4, 2009 that walks through the model policy and discusses business decisions needing to be made
  • Updated model policy if HHS changes regulations by April 1, 2010

For ordering information, please email us at info@aegis-compliance.com or call 1.888.739.8194.