HIPAA Amendments 2009 AudioCourse

60 min lectures
Recorded lectures provided on CD in MP3 format
Accompanying slide presentations for each lecture
Includes a copy of the HITECH Act and other material


Lecture 1
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Lecture 3

What has been amended and when is what effective?
Practical points and operational suggestions for implementing and preparing for staggered regulations
Structured Q&A on amendments, challenges and solutions

On February 17, 2009, the HITECH Act was signed into law as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. While the HITECH Act focuses principally on health information technology and federal investment in electronic health records, it also explicitly amends the HIPAA privacy and security standards. It expands HIPAA to apply directly to business associates, creates notification and self-disclosure obligations and sets out a tiered structure of mandatory penalties. It also allows State Attorneys General, on behalf of individuals, to sue covered entities and business associates in federal court for HIPAA violations.

The changes are sweeping and staggered. Some of the HIPAA amendments are effective immediately and some roll out over two years. Unlike “original HIPAA” which allowed HHS to issue regulations in the usual draft format with a notice and comment period, the HITECH Act requires HHS to issue interim final regulations (without a comment period) at various time points over the next 6 to 24 months. Additionally, the new statute requires HHS to issue “guidances” outside of the formal regulations process for certain areas that Congress deferred to HHS.

This AudioCourse, originally presented between March 30th and April 9th, 2009, covers the significant changes enacted in February and provides approaches to implementing the new rules and preparing for the regulations that will come out by August 2009. The AudioCourse discusses points which compliance officers can discuss with senior leadership and their boards to prepare for mandatory penalties and self-disclosure requirements. The lectures also discuss how compliance programs can be enhanced to minimize non-compliance and penalties.

This series of lectures is designed for covered entities. The material will be taught from the perspective of a covered entity.

All lecture portions have been recorded and are available on CD in MP3 format for $40. For ordering information, please email us at info@aegis-compliance.com or call 1.888.739.8194.