Energy regulations are increasingly complex, and meeting the requirements of both national and international standards is extremely challenging.

Aegis consultants have in-house experience in designing and implementing effective compliance programs for the oil and gas industry. Right now, globally, enforcement groups are scrutinizing the oil and gas industries, focused on anti-corruption and bribery.  Aegis consultants have experience dealing with the United States Department of Justice in these areas.  Our staff provides comprehensive services tailored to this regulatory environment, including audits and reviews, assistance with audit responses, training, Monitoring and pre-Monitoring for government enforcement, and negotiation of settlements.

Whether your company is seeking guidance in developing, assessing, or restructuring your compliance program, you can count on Aegis to partner in your initiatives to ensure the highest standards of excellence. Aegis offers specialized expertise in key energy compliance concerns including codes of conduct, financial reporting, record retention, anti-manipulation, tariff matters, and market-based rate authority.