Compliance Effectiveness 


"Effectiveness" is the name of the game in compliance, and is the standard by which the government judges whether a compliance program is doing its job. Knowing whether your compliance program is effective can save you both resources and time. In a government investigation or audit, effectiveness can be the deciding factor on whether your organization gets saddled with huge fines or the government requires only a corrective action plan.


Compliance programs are preventive medicine for a healthcare provider's business. Without an active and dynamic corporate compliance program, a healthcare provider is a sitting target for government regulators. The healthcare regulatory environment is too complex for an organization not to have some organized approach to making sure it is staying on track with government expectations.  Furthermore, compliance programs should be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain effective. Whether your organization needs a kick-start for a languishing compliance program or you just want to see how you're doing in compliance, Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center, LLP can help. 

We offer Corporate Compliance Effectiveness Assessments as a way to analyze whether the components of your compliance program are having their intended effect.

These Assessments can also provide your organization with strategic insights into how to strengthen your compliance program without adding significant costs.

Our Effectiveness Assessments involve a review of strategic documents, evaluation of reimbursement patterns, a self-assessment survey and on-site interviews.