Clinical Trials Billing Compliance Workshops

Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center LLP in conjunction with Meade, Roach & Annulis, LLP has designed on-site seminars and workshops to assist health care providers with their clinical research billing compliance initiatives. The seminars and workshops can be tailored to fit the needs to the institution and are available in three formats: ½ day seminar on Medicare coverage rules and compliance safeguards; a full day workshop that includes detailed training on how to analyze a research study for Medicare coverage; a two day workshop that includes the instructor performing two coverage analyses live on two of the institution’s research studies.

The one day and two day workshops include a license to reproduce for the institution the 200+ page manual: How to Analyze a Research Study for Medicare Coverage and a 1 hour training DVD.

The seminars and workshop topics can be tailored for the needs of the organization from among the following topics/modules:

  • The basics of Medicare & clinical research
  • Overview of the new CMS Clinical Trial Policy
  • How to perform a coverage analysis of a research study
  • Using a coverage analysis to improve budgeting process
  • Medicare for investigators and study coordinators
  • Device trials Medicare coverage: a rule unto itself
  • Investigator-initiated studies: drafting protocols to satisfy Medicare
  • How to handle existing research studies
  • Holding the IND yourself: the pluses and minuses
  • Clinical trial agreements with sponsors: pitfalls to avoid and tips to implement
  • Financial discussions in informed consents
  • Live coverage analysis


½ day seminar: $3000

Full day workshop: $5000*

Two-day workshop: $12,000**

* includes license to reproduce training manual and 1 hour DVD

** includes license to reproduce training manual, 1 hour DVD and two coverage analyses


For ordering information, please email us at or call 1.888.739.8194.