CTMS Consulting and Implementation Services

Aegis offers a full complement of research and clinical trials management system (CTMS) consulting and support services for health care providers and research institutions.  Organizations are increasingly turning to a CTMS to manage their clinical research data and track financial management.  And more and more, the organizations are looking to leverage their CTMS to assist in research billing compliance.

Aegis has assembled a top-tier team of research and CTMS consultants who have worked on some of the most complex and challenging research compliance matters in the country.  The key to managing research compliance is to get ahead of the curve by rolling out a CTMS in a thoughtful, strategic way and being sure that CTMS is “talking” with the organization’s clinical research and billing systems. The Aegis team has specialized focus in assisting clients in developing work flows between the CTMS and clinical research billing process.  Aegis has also assisted some CTMS developers in creating  modules which accomplish these goals so the team knows what it takes to leverage the CTMS for research billing compliance.

One of the critical challenges for any CTMS or research billing initiative is how to handle “legacy” studies, the research projects which were started before CTMS implementation.  Aegis has developed a “focus process” which assists clients in rolling the legacy studies into the CTMS or a parallel side-by-side system over the course of a defined timeline.  Legacy study assistance can come in the form of building study calendars or doing one-time “catch-up” coverage analyses and billing grids.  For our legacy study “focus process,” Aegis has developed competitive flat fee pricing based on study volume.

Services the Aegis Research and CTMS Team offers includes:

  • Assessments
  • Work flow development
  • Outsource management
  • FTE supplementation
  • Coverage analysis builds
  • Legacy Study “focus process”

Aegis team members are familiar with a wide number of CTMS tools and have worked with health care providers large and small in providing assistance.  

For further inquiries, please contact the Aegis Team Leader, Julie Colasacco at jcolasacco@aegis-compliance.com or 847-738-2539.